24×7 WLAN IDS/IPS and Management

enterpriseAirMagnet Enterprise
24/7 WLAN Security and Performance Monitoring and protection of all your wireless assets worldwide. AirMagnet Enterprise provides the most sophisticated WLAN solution to detect and defend against hundreds of wireless threats, trace and investigate devices, remotely troubleshoot performance problems and enforce and document compliance with internal and external policies.

WLAN Management Tools

laptopAirMagnet WiFi Analyzer
(Formerly Laptop Analyzer)
Anytime, Anywhere, WLAN Monitoring and Troubleshooting. AirMagnet’s WiFi Analyzer is the industry’s most popular mobile field tool for troubleshooting enterprise Wi-Fi networks. WiFi Analyzer helps IT staff make sense of end-user complaints to quickly resolve performance problems, while automatically detecting security threats and other network vulnerabilities.

spectrumAirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer
Avoid Interferences with your Wi-Fi Environment. AirMagnet’s Spectrum Analyzer proactively identifies, classifies, and finds sources of RF interferences that impact the performance of Wi-Fi networks. Unlike earlier generations of spectrum analyzers, AirMagnet’s Spectrum Analyzer provides an IT-friendly user interface.

airmedicAirMagnet AirMedic
RF and WiFi Troubleshooting Made Easy. AirMedic is a new type of network tool that brings AirMagnet troubleshooting to the rest of us. Built upon AirMagnet’s unmatched experience in WiFi troubleshooting, AirMedic is a fast and simple, “just the facts” approach to dealing with the periodic performance and reliability problems that all wireless LANs experience.

handheldAirMagnet Handheld Analyzer
Anywhere, Anytime Troubleshooting for 802.11 b/g LANs. AirMagnet’s Handheld Analyzer is a convenient, inexpensive way to solve serious problems in the enterprise WLAN.

WLAN Design

surveyAirMagnet Survey
Strategic Wireless LAN Design. Design your WLAN infrastructure from the ground up. Determine the correct number, placement and configuration of APs required to deliver full coverage for all end users.

plannerAirMagnet Planner
Build a Detailed Model of Any WiFi Environment. AirMagnet Planner makes it easy to build a detailed model of any WiFi environment. Simply load in a map of your location, and use the built-in library of walls, doors and windows or specify your own custom materials to precisely match the building’s characteristics.

WLAN Integrated Troubleshooting

ea-ciscoEnterprise Analyzer for Cisco
Troubleshooting solution designed specifically for Cisco Unified Wireless Networks. Remotely troubleshoot and document sources of Wi-Fi performance and security issues from one central location on any Cisco Unified Wireless Network where lightweight access points are deployed.

WLAN Voice

vofiVoFi Analyzer
Professional troubleshooting for Voice over Wi-Fi. AirMagnet’s VoFi Analyzer is the first of its kind: a professional analysis and troubleshooting tool for Voice over Wi-Fi. With VoFi Analyzer, you can directly monitor the quality of every call even on an encrypted WLAN. Automatically detect the sources of voice problems, and actively troubleshoot problems from the phone all the way to the wired call manager.