Alvarion has harnessed its field-proven expertise in RF technologies and IP-based wireless communications to deliver a variety of innovative, highly competitive Broadband Wireless Access solutions for high-speed access to voice, data and IP-based services. Our broadband wireless access solutions provide a superior alternative for Internet service providers as well as new and incumbent carriers seeking to effectively compete in a variety of lucrative market segments – from SME to SOHO, MDU/MTU and beyond.


breezeaccess_vl_mdAlvarion’s BreezeACCESS VL is a flexible and field proven Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) solution providing broadband wireless outdoor connectivity for a variety of applications in urban and rural deployments. Available in a range of frequencies in the 5 GHz and 900 MHz bands, this widely deployed platform offers a carrier-class outdoor link with enhanced security and capacity as well as top QoS for data, voice and video services. BreezeACCESS VL is an optimized solution for the performance and cost requirements of various markets and customers. It enables operators, municipalities, enterprises and communities around the world to quickly and cost-effectively benefit from an array of top quality broadband services.

breezeaccess_4900Alvarion’s BreezeAccess 4900 us the recently allocated for local public safety use, the 50MHz of licensed spectrum in the 4.940 GHz-4.990 GHz represents an important opportunity for local municipal groups to provide license-protected, secure access for a variety of public safety uses.

Capable of being deployed in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations, and able to co-exist with other systems in mixed spectrum architectures, the flexibility of BreezeACCESS 4900 enables each network to be tailored in its configuration to efficiently handle a multitude of applications. BreezeACCESS 4900 is now the solution of choice for public safety, medical emergency, government security and surveillance applications offering the industry’s richest features.


BreezeNet B

BNETBBreezeNET B is a product family of wireless point-to-point bridging solutions for license-exempt frequency bands. Providing an efficient and secure solution for multiple advanced applications including broadband access, building-to-building connectivity and backhaul services between two remote locations. BreezeNET B is also a powerful and cost-effective wireless link for backhauling point-to-multipoint networks to their Internet points-of-presence, eliminating the necessity for expensive leased lines over wireline infrastructures. BreezeNET B offers a comprehensive range of options and is available in several configurations, ensuring an optimal cost/performance solution for every deployment.

  • High capacity, point-to-point, robust, outdoor wireless solution
  • Flexible rate options: B10, B14, B28, B100, B300 reaching up to 250 Mbps
  • Long reach: up to 60+ km
  • Multiple frequency support: 2.4, 4.9-5.8 GHz
  • Superior OFDM radio technology
  • Robust performance in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments
  • Simple deployment with adaptive modulation and automatic transmit power control (ATPC), management and maintenance
  • Quality of Service (QoS) for data, voice and video (wireless link prioritization)
  • Secure AES, WEP and FIPS