Aruba Networks Remote Access Points


Remote Access Points

Aruba’s Virtual Branch Network (VBN) solution dramatically simplifies the complexity and cost of deploying a remote solution at branches with one to many users. Complex configuration, management, software updates authentication, intrusion detection, and remote site connectivity tasks are handled by powerful data center-based Aruba controllers running new Aruba software. Centralizing these services in the controllers enables the branch office equipment to be greatly simplified and cost reduced. The virtualized functions are transport-independent, so any wide-area network – including 3G cellular and DSL – can be used to connect the branches offices.

User access to network services, applications, and resources is governed by IT-defined policies that are disseminated network-wide. This results in a more uniform and secure user experience, regardless of where the network is accessed.

Typical uses include:

  • Branch offices
  • Business continuity applications
  • Business partner network access
  • First responder and disaster recovery operations
  • Instantly deployed, mesh wireless branch offices
  • Kiosks and store-in-a-store retailers
  • Remote campuses or clinics
  • Telecommuters
  • Telemedicine
  • Temporary workers
  • Virtual call centers

VBN offers equal or higher security than traditional remote networking solutions at a far lower price point and without infrastructure complexity.


rap2-1No larger than a deck of playing cards and designed for use by 1 to 5 users, the RAP-2WG is ideal for teleworkers, micro-branches, and SOHO applications. An 802.11b/g Wi-Fi radio and two Ethernet ports for use with wired devices, such as VoIP phones, are provided.


rap5wn-1The stylish, book-sized RAP-5WN includes 5 high-speed Ethernet ports, a USB port for a broadband 3G cellular modem, hardware accelerated encryption, and, optionally, an 802.11n Wi-Fi radio with integrated antennas. The RAP-5WN is designed for micro-branches.


rap5-1High-performance wired indoor Remote Access Point RAP-5 for the multi-user small branch office or for power users who work from a home office.