Aruba Networks



Aruba’s family of controllers are purpose-built network infrastructure devices designed to address a wide range of wireless and wired network mobility, security, and remote networking requirements for enterprises of any size.

Running the ArubaOS operating system, the controllers support a number of different software applications – including policy enforcement firewall, VPN termination, and wireless intrusion prevention – for which competing suppliers require dedicated appliances. Controllers can secure wired networks using the same identity-based, high security scheme used for the wireless LAN, delivering a seamless user experience regardless of the medium used.

All controllers feature multi-processor architectures with separate control, network, and encryption processors.

Aruba 6000 Controller

aruba6000_blurbAruba’s flagship product, the Aruba 6000 is the most scalable modular controller available today. Designed for corporate headquarters and large campus-wide deployments, the Aruba 6000 features 10-Gigabit Ethernet connections and is able to aggregate up to 8,192 access points in a single modular chassis.

Aruba 3000 Controller Series

aruba3000_blurbThe Aruba 3000 series is a family of three fully-featured controllers able to aggregate up to 32, 64 and 128 access points (APs) respectively. The Aruba 3000 series is designed for midsize to large deployments, features Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and can easily be deployed as an overlay without any disruption to the existing wired network.

Aruba 2400 Controller

aruba2400_blurbDesigned for regional headquarters or dense office deployments of 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN, the Aruba 2400 supports up to 48 access points and delivers up to 400 Mbps of encrypted throughput.

Aruba 800 Controller

aruba800_blurbDesigned for branch office applications, the Aruba 800 controller supports up to 16 APs and hundreds of simultaneous 802.11a/b/g users.

Aruba 600 Branch Office Controller Series

aruba651Designed for small branch offices with up to 256 users, the 600 family offers a broad range of WAN connectivity, network-attached storage, gigabit Ethernet, power-over-Ethernet (PoE), and USB options. An 802.11n Wi-Fi radio option rounds out the package.

Aruba 200 Controller

aruba200_blurbThe Aruba 200 is a full-featured wireless LAN controller designed for branch office, retail store and small business applications. Supporting up to 8 802.11a/b/g access points, the Aruba 200 still offers the same software functionality as larger members of the family.


The ArubaOS software suite serves as the operating system and application engine for all Aruba controllers. Included with every controller, ArubaOS enables Aruba’s unique adaptive wireless LANs, identity-based security, and remote networking services. ArubaOS is offered as a base set of capabilities with a series of optional add-on modules that provide advanced features.