BelAir Networks BelAir100 Family


BelAir100 Family

BelAir-100BelAir100 Wireless Multi-Service Node
The BelAir100 is a robust, compact and easy to install outdoor wireless node available in dual and single radio variants delivering high-performance Wi-Fi, 4.9 GHz and 5.9 GHz access and featuring both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint backhaul. The BelAir100 also integrates seamlessly with IP network video security cameras providing a cost-effective, high performance alternative to wired networking for video security and surveillance networks and enabling centralized and remote monitoring. Driven by the industry-leading BelAirOS operating system software and managed by BelView management, the modular architecture of the BelAir100 enables you to take advantage of the full range of BelAir Networks radio modules whether you are deploying the node as a standalone device or as part of a larger network comprised of any combination of BelAir nodes.

BelAir-100SBelAir100S Strand-Mounted Wireless Node
Designed specifically for cable operators, the BelAir100S is a single or dual radio wireless node that can be strand-mounted on existing cable infrastructure to extend high performance wireles access to fixed locations or nomadic and mobile users. The BelAir100S supports DOCSIS® 2.0 interfaces and is plant-powered at 40 to 90 V AC. Wireless access traffic can be backhauled over the cable infrastructure or via point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections with other wireless nodes. It can be deployed as a standalone device providing indoor or outdoor coverage or as part of a larger network comprising any combination of BelAir Network indoor access points and outdoor nodes — all driven by the industry-leading BelAirOS operating system softward and managed by BelView.

BelAir-100MBelAir100M Mobile Wireless Node
The BelAir100M Mobile Wireles Node is designed for high-speed vehicular installations (including buses, trains, and police cars) and provides mobile broadband connectivity using Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 4.9GHz Public Safety, and 5.9GHz ITS bands. Featuring true standards-based seamless mobility, the BelAir100M employs “make before break” handover to ensure uninterrupted broadband services. The BelAir100M is based on the industry’s highest performance and most flexible dual and tri radio wireless mesh nodes. BelAir Networks wireless mesh products have always been differentiated by their ability to support vehicular speed mobility with standard wireless devices now the BelAir100M extends this capability to address the high-performance mobile connectivity requirements of Public Safety and Mass Transit applications.

BelAir-100TThe BelAir100T Tri Radio Wireless Node
The BelAir100T, a powerful and cost-effective three radio platform, extends BelAir Networks popular dual-radio architecture to deliver multi-radio, multi-service switched networking capabilities in a compact form factor for public access, public works and 4.9GHz public safety applications. Offering true standards-based seamless mobility, the BelAir100T provides uninterrupted service as users move throughout the wireless mesh network. Driven by the industry-leading BelAirOS operating system software and managed by BelView, the BelAir100T integrates seamlessly with the BelAir Networks portfolio of indoor access points and outdoor wireless nodes and utilizes the full range of BelAir radio modules.

BelAir-100BelAir100D for Defense Applications
The BelAir100D for Defense Applications features a radio module supporting both 802.11 and the 4.4 GHz spectrum band designated in the US and NATO countries for military fixed and mobile communications. Driven by the industry-leading BelAirOS operating system software and managed by BelView, the BelAir100D leverages the compact form factor, and robust, ruggedized housing of the BelAir100 to deliver high performance broadband connectivity for both fixed and mobile applications, including ship to shore communication, MWR applications, and perimeter and video security networks