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BelAir20 Indoor Family

BelAir-20BelAir20 Access Point
The BelAir20 Access Point (AP) leverages BelAir Networks industry-leading broadband wireless capabilities in a compact, best in class enterprise-grade dual radio dual band 802.11n AP. The BelAir20 AP features standard power over Ethernet (PoE) enabling 802.3af powering with both radios active — no wholesale power supply swap-outs for 11n. Complementing the company’s outdoor product line and driven by the BelAirOS operating system software and BelView management, intelligence and reporting, the BelAir20 features seamless service provider back office integration.

BelAir-20MBelAir20M Mobile Bridge
This high performance ultra compact, in-vehicle Wi-Fi 802.11n mobile bridge is mounted inside mass transit vehicles to deliver Wi-Fi access to both commuters and transit personnel.

The BelAir20M cost-effectively addresses the mobility, coverage and backhaul challenges associated with providing mobile broadband service on high-speed mass transit vehicles. Linking to high capacity trackside wireless infrastructure comprised of BelAir Networks industry-leading outdoor mesh nodes, the BelAir20M provides continuous, uninterruped 802.11n Wi-Fi services supporting: public Wi-Fi access for commuters, telematics systems monitoring train operations, point of sale applications for ticketing, and video security cameras and monitoring.

BelAir100 Family

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BelAir200 Family

BelAir-200BelAir200 Wireless Multi-Service Switch Router
The BelAir200 Wireless Multi-Service Switch Router is the BelAir Networks flagship product, deployed in combination with the company’s complete portfolio of indoor wireless access points and outdoor wireless nodes to deliver the industry’s highest performance in networks around the world. Enclosed in a compact, environmentally hardened outdoor package, the BelAir200 features a modular architecture supporting multiple radio modules and enabling any combination of Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 4.9 GHz and 5.9 GHz wireless frequencies to be supported on one wireless network. Featuring a broad range of mounting options and wireline interfaces, the BelAir200 is easy and quick to install and integrate into existing networks and physical environments.

BelAir-200BelAir200D for Defense Applications
The BelAir200D is a four radio, 802.11n wireless multi-service switch router customized for mission-critical defense applications and supporting the 4.4 GHz spectrum designated in the US and NATO countries for military fixed and mobile communications. Encased in a compact, environmentally-hardened outdoor package, the BelAir200D delivers high performance and reliability in the most demanding conditions and is available in a wide variety of configurations and frequencies with flexible mounting options and wireline interfaces.