Eleven Wireless


ElevenOS Management Platform

ElevenOS-InterfaceElevenOS is a versatile, cost-effective, web-based high speed Internet access management platform for hoteliers  or WiFi HotSpot Owners who have their guests productivity and the highest standards of service in mind.

ElevenOS offers unparalleled flexibility in the management and control of your wireless or wired guest Internet networks – from single properties to international chains.

ElevenOS for your wireless management:

  • Easy to use intuitive interface designed for non-technical hotel staff
  • Flexible customizable tools for administration by front desk, night audit, IT, management, and other hotel personnel
  • Billing easily integrates with your property management system for bill to room and your merchant account for direct credit card billing
  • Real-time reporting of specific transactional information as well as summary reporting and trend analyses

ElevenOS for your guests:

  • Easy to use systems with familiar interfaces
  • High speed Internet connectivity
  • Encrypted web pages ensures privacy of their guest information
  • Roaming functionality allows users to move seamlessly between wired and wireless networks

To use ElevenOS, a compatible Network Gateway is required.  NAS recommends the Nomadix Gateways.