NSECOREThe Nomadix Service Engine  (NSE) addresses the key issues of customer acquisition, provisioning, security and revenue generation faced by PASOs and Venue Owners when deploying Wi-Fi public access networks. The NSE also knocks down the barriers encountered by end users accessing these networks by providing a Zero Configuration experience when using the service.

Core Architecture

Nomadix offers a full range of Access Gateways running the NSE software. All of our Access Gateways come with the NSE Core software package. Optional NSE Modules and User Configuration Upgrades are also available.

From the smallest single cell HotSpot to a large multi-cell location supporting thousands of users, Nomadix has the right Access Gateway to fit your deployment needs:

AG 3100
The AG 3100 is a cost-effective platform designed for small to medium-sized public access locations. The AG 3100 is transport agnostic and enables the deployment of wired, wireless or hybrid networks supporting up to 200 simultaneous users at the HotSpot so it can be tailored to the market the provider serves.


AG 5500
The AG 5500 is our high performance platform, capable of supporting up to 2000 simultaneous users. It is designed for deployment in large venues such as hotels, airports, and convention centers.

AG 5500 with Metro Bundle
This bundle adds user count and other modules to the AG 5500 and is capable of supporting 4,000 simultaneous users, optimized for Metropolitan HotZone and Digital City deployments.

Most competitive offerings on the market today are either server-based or rely on a hard drive to provide their functionality. The Nomadix competitive advantage lies in the fact that we developed our software solution within a real-time operating system—VxWorks. Also, our Access Gateways are dedicated network appliances that provide superior scalability and reliability over competitive solutions that are server based or run on Operating Systems susceptible to virus attacks.

Nomadix is also the innovator in public access with an extensive patent and patent-pending portfolio of intellectual property covering more than 15 unique areas of functionality needed to successfully deploy a Wi-Fi service offering. Our technology lets your network evolve providing investment protection and peace of mind knowing that Nomadix will always offer the latest in cutting edge solutions.