Wavelink CE Secure




Enhanced enterprise protection where you need it most.

In today’s world, you cannot afford to have critical data compromised. With the easy-to-use Wavelink Avalanche CE Secure™, a plug-in to Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center (MC)™, you receive advanced user authentication and security on Windows CE™ and Windows Mobile® devices. With Avalanche CE Secure™, administrators can restrict access to the device, its applications and data. Combined with client-side intelligence, Avalanche CE Secure guards against the compromise of sensitive data when a device is lost or stolen. All of this from a solution that offers easy-to-use administrative features and a fully configurable device-side user interface that streamlines your training time, and increases productivity.

When you start-up your device with Avalanche CE Secure, protection of your data begins immediately through an Active Directory authenticated login. When used in combination with theWavelink Avalanche Certificate Manager™, Avalanche CE Secure is able to control authentication to the network itself, by allowing each user to authenticate via 802.1X using unique individual certificates. With the ability to protect sensitive data and folders on the device, Avalanche CE Secure detects when the device is in a vulnerable state through a series of network assurance tests. Should any test fail, the mobile device will automatically progress through predefined lock-down procedures, such as folder and file encryption and deletion after predefined configurable time periods.

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  • Avalanche Certificate Manager
  • Secure authentication with optional extensions for EAP-TLS and 802.1X
  • Multiple lock-down options to protect against a lost or stolen mobile device
  • Simple to deploy
  • Fully configurable device-side user-interface provides customized messaging and presentation options
  • Wavelink Avalanche MC reporting enhancements


  • Administrators can customize inactivity timers and specify when the end-user views a login screen.
  • Customized events that require a login. For example, warm power on, cold reboot and time change.
  • Provide an optional username and domain caching for login screens.
  • An available Avalanche CE Secure client-side API to aid single sign on for device applications.
  • Avalanche CE Secure integrates seamlessly with existing Active Directory and 802.1X environments.
  • Utilizes user or authenticated session certificates for 802.1X authentication.
  • Use a customizable device-side user-interface with an interactive screen designer that allows you to customize client-side screens.
  • Seamlessly manage your protected files by managing the circumstances in which a mobile device encrypts or deletes files upon lock down. Avalanche CE Secure not only allows an administrator the ability to specify the files that need to be encrypted or deleted, but also the period in which the files should be encrypted or deleted.