Device Management: Avalanche Suite


Avalanche Mobility Center (MC) is a comprehensive management solution for the wireless enterprise that provides complete visibility and control of mobile devices and wireless infrastructure from a central console. Avalanche MC streamlines the configuration, deployment and management of wireless networks while offering extensive flexibility by supporting the widest range of mobile devices and infrastructure.
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Avalanche Site Edition (SE) provides a simple way for the SMB market to implement and maintain a powerful device management solution. It was created as a streamlined device management alternative for organizations that do not require infrastructure management or do not have a complex network architecture.
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Avalanche Remote Control enables a customer’s IT department to remotely diagnose and remedy both device applications and device settings, or simply provide assisted guidance for an end-user, which reduces mobile device downtime and increases end-user productivity.
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Avalanche CE Secure is a plug-in to Avalanche MC. CE Secure delivers advanced user authentication and security on Windows CE® and Windows Mobile® devices. With Avalanche CE Secure, administrators can restrict access to the device, its applications and data. CE Secure also encrypts and/or deletes critical data on mobile devices when they are lost or stolen.
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Avalanche Certificate Manager is a plug-in Avalanche CE Secure. Certificate Manager manages digital certificates and allows organizations to retrieve network connectivity profiles. This grants each individual user with an account on the device to connect to the wireless LAN using a user-specific certificate.
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