WildPackets Monitoring Reporting


Monitoring and Reporting

Networks have become highly complex and distributed, making the need for simple, summary-level data that much more important to network engineers and IT managers. WatchPoint combined with our Omnipliance Network Probes addresses these needs with a web-based approach that provides extreme flexibility in data access and data reporting.

Monitoring and Reporting products:

  • WatchPoint:
    WatchPoint is a system of 1U rack mountable appliances that collects data from multiple network resources, aggregates the data and provides a flexible graphical interface for displaying the data and generating reports via a standard web browser.
  • OmniFlow Collector:
    This appliance includes everything needed to perform the key WatchPoint functions. It collects OmniFlow data from multiple OmniEngines and formats the results to be displayed via any supported web browser.
  • NetFlow Collector:
    The WatchPoint NetFlow Collector appliance processes and stores NetFlow traffic from NetFlow-enabled network devices, including Cisco routers and switches.
  • sFlow Collector:
    The WatchPoint sFlow Collector appliance processes and stores sFlow traffic from sFlow-enabled network devices, including network routers and switches from Foundry Networks, xxx, and others.

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