HP ProCurve


ProCurve MultiService Wireless Controller Series

MSM710_170x170Working with HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Access Points, HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Controllers deliver a high-performance networking solution. The enhanced architecture scales from IEEE 802.11b to 802.11n without expensive controller upgrades. Robust identity and roles-based user account profiles, as well as Virtual Service Communities (VSCs) with independently configurable Quality of Service (QoS), authentication, encryption, and VLAN support, deliver intelligence to the edge of the network. Scalable from branch offices to large organizations, the controllers deliver fast-roaming and ultraspeed hand-offs. Wireless security is rock solid with support for the internal and external authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) servers, built-in stateful firewall, per-user VLAN mapping, and mutual controller/access point (AP) authentication.

  • Enhanced WLAN architecture reduces LAN traffic
  • IEEE 802.11n capable
  • Rock-solid WLAN security
  • Solutions enhanced for businesses: HP ProCurve MSM700 Controllers deliver services for healthcare, hospitality, education, manufacturing, transportation, and service providers
  • Powerful security capabilities: robust, identity- and role-based user account profiles use embedded or external AAA services
  • Simplified management with central control: HP ProCurve MSM700 Controllers reduce the time and complexity of managing a wireless network; the solutions control hundreds of APs from a single management interface and help ensure that a consistent set of services is delivered throughout the wireless network; pushing authentication, encryption, QoS enforcement, and access policies to the access points delivers the intelligence to the edge of your mobile network
  • Capacity that scales from small office to enterprise campus: efficiently deploy wireless LAN (WLAN) capacity with the MSM710 controller, which controls 10 APs; the MSM730controller, which controls 40 APs; and the MSM750 controller, which controls 200 APs–all with the ability to interconnect in mobility clusters
  • Solutions that cover the most important WLAN applications: MSM700 controllers and the rest of the HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Solution deliver rich application support, including guest access, location-based services, Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi), hotspot, surveillance, and secure point of sale